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December 17, 2017



You were a beautiful couple. And yes, it IS amazing how fast 35 years can go by.
Beautiful post, Kristen. PS-- don't know if it's true, but I just saw a post that the trumps hosted an NRA event on the 5th anniversary of Sandy Hook.


Happy anniversary, you look so lovely! Where does the time go? Oh I am sorry to hear some of the MOW people have died, life is to be treasured.

Oh no, they didn’t hold an NRA event? They are tone deaf and blind. I remember it well, and also the endless ” this is not the time to talk about it” comments. Well done on your hard work since then.

Nan Heroux

A lovely post, Kristen, from a lovely woman! And a beautiful bride - more beautiful as the years go by!!
I am not surprised by the lack of commemoration of Sandy Hook by trump! But hopefully even he is not cruel enough to host an NRA event on the anniversary of such a tragedy!


Happy Anniversary, both of ours are really close in date! Same year, same month.

It's sad to have to write about such a happy memory at the same time as the very tragic historical one. Years after we got married, on our anniversary, there was the massacre of women engineering students in Montreal resulting in some progress in gun control in Canada, but not enough. Keep up the good work you're doing in that regard.

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