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August 02, 2016


Leslie Weeden

I completely forgot this was a significant birthday, K! You are still my little baby sister! Also, I have not mailed your present yet. I had a chance to do so on Saturday, but once the rain started I did not dare venture out of my apartment, even though the mail store is just next door. Next Saturday for sure!


re feeling the same as the day before-- yes! That is one of the strange things about getting old-- we feel the same; still young, still growing. But on the outside we are becoming invisible to many. That's OK; I have adjusted and kind of like flying below the radar :)
Happy birthday, my friend,a little late!


Happy Birthday - that yarn takes my breath away. I can only imagine how soft it is. I've been to Alaska three times and have never indulged in the Qiviut. It's worth having a special birthday for.

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