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May 21, 2011



I am so glad you were able to finish your cardigan and I think it looks wonderful, well worth all the effort. Especially with ruffles!!
I love those planter boxes that sit over your verandah, they are such a clever idea!!
I hated moving rooms at school, so many boxes and so little time to carry them!!
I hope the rain stays away now, the weather may have got it all out of its system!!

Cindy D

My thoughts are with you as you move toward the wedding day. Whatever the weather it will be a lovely day.

My daughters wedding was rained out, but I got some lovely pictures because of the weather.

Love the cardigan!


Whoo hoo the countdown is on. Thinking about you from one who has been there.

Mountain Colors came through for me recently, sending me a free bit of yarn to finish a project.


Such a big week for you - have fun and relax with the wedding - no matter what happens, it will be just perfect.


Thinking of you today :)

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