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April 18, 2011



The house and deck look FABULOUS!! How wonderful to have it so close to finished and be starting the best part of finishing touches/decoration. I hope you have a great vacay! I didn't do the yarn crawl either as yarns I need are discounted best online and also hard to find as they are discontinued. I also had some other shopping and plans to get to over the weekend.


You really are getting close on the wedding, aren't you? I can't wait to see all the dresses, shrugs and yard decorated up. The house is looking so wonderful.

Debbie R.

The deck looks great. The one my husband build on our house is of a similar size and height from the ground. We still need the railings though.

I skipped the yarn crawl this year, too. I have more than enough, plus the festivals start in 2 weeks. CT is on Saturday, April 30th. :)


When we got our new doors the whole house felt better to me. Now that's wearing off as I see a few more major projects looming ahead. Your renos are looking great. Oh yeah, the doors still need painting...

There!s always e-bay for a quick yarn pick-me- up ;-)

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