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August 29, 2010



Thank you! I am so excited to win! I am really impressed with all your miles this summer, especially as it was so humid and you had so much going on with the house. The walls are looking good and it looks like it will all be enclosed soon. I love the kitty pic, Ruby looks like she doesn't miss anything going on in her domain. Good luck with the start of school. It's so warm, the kids are going to want to be at the beach instead, I think!


LOL! I didn't enter the contest because I thought you would have tons a entries and I wouldn't have a chance, so I didn't even try. I think there's a lesson here. Good for you for putting in so much hard work!!


I didn't enter because I had no jolly idea!! No bicycling parameters in which to fit my guess. Well done Sarah and very well done you!!!


Ha! I was riding yesterday and it dawned on me I never entered your contest. Then I got home and promptly forgot.

Yay for Knittin Kitten!

And yay for you. 20 miles a day is awesome.


Congratulations on your 5040 miles!!! I'm sorry that I had forgotten to enter your contest. Things are a little nuts around here with the charity bike ride. I don't know if you're free Oct. 2 and would like to come out here to ride, but if you can, it would be great to see you!

I'm glad for you that everything worked out with the cabinets in your room, and I hope school has a smooth start.

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