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December 26, 2009



The Dutch pancake looks lovely. I must give that a try for Christmas breakfast next year. Happy New Year to you, the family and all the chicks.


Very nice hat!
When she has too many, I buy fresh eggs from a friend at my knitting group, and I know how delicious they are, she has some blue ones, but I never have seen a so big difference in size! Very interesting!
Stardom on Ravelry, good for you!
My best wishes to you and your loved ones for 2010!


The chicken on the right has the most hilarious expression!!! Great picture!


Doo wop chickens cracked me up!


Our first batch of chickens once got stranded in the snow even though the ground was only covered in patches. They ventured out ok but couldn't find a clear route back.

The intrepid chickens we have now fear nothing, although we do shovel a path for them to get around in the yard. Yesterday one of our egg-farm rescues waded through chest high snow all the way from coop to house, even though there was a path not three feet away. :-)

Silly chickens. (My blog has a huge egg photo similar to the one in your earlier post!)

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