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December 21, 2008



Please be sure to post any tips you have for getting through the tangle for those of us who may try it in the future! We're also holed up in our house with knitting. Not as much snow as you, but our area is not as used to it and only a few inches sends people scrambling for cover.


It will be worth the trouble, though.
Hope you get some good time off from work over the holidays!


Ravelry is great for these kinds of things...I hope Tangled Yoke is working out better now and is not too stressful!

We have about 8" of snow, and snuck up to Cape Cod on Saturday to admire the scenery. I had never seen it in winter/Christmas finery before, and it was gorgeous!


I hope you get those cables untangled. I also have a cable project on the needles. The Arwen is coming along nicely!

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