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July 28, 2008



Looks like you are getting a lot closer to having chickens! Your garden looks great. You will have to protect those veggies from hungry chickens ;)


mmm my uncle had swiss chard growing up in Oregon and he stir-fried a bunch of it one night. It practically grew back two days later.

My step-father lives a bit inland from us where it gets warm, and no foggy, he has a great garden. He always brings flowers, and now he's got little tomatoes, cukes, and zucchini. And oranges and lemons.

I have had small gardens in the city, but mildew was always a problem on my favorite sweet peas.


Your vest is coming along great. A lot of us didn't finish for the KAL but as you say, we got a lot of knitting done much more quickly than otherwise.

I hope the watermelons grow quickly and you'll be showing us photos of them in a month or two, ready to eat! I'm fascinated by the chicken coop!!


Wow, chickens. I would love to smuggle a pair into our neighborhood!
We have had some great rains this year. The yard is looking lush, albeit the humidity is a killer. The garden is looking great!

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