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June 10, 2008



So sorry about your heat! We've been having unseasonably wet and cool weather and I'll take that any day. I had to laugh at the banana peels comment. I think my hubby is beginning to think like that. I've started grinding my own wheat, etc. But this weekend he did build me a compost bin and yesterday bought me a gift - what my grandma would call a "slop bucket" that we can put right outside the backdoor for kitchen waste for the compost. What a sweetie!


Hope you are staying cool by the ac! Looks like you have plenty of entertainment between books and knitting. The fair isle looks great!


Nope, I hear that it's worse up north where you peeps don't have any AC. Better find some lightweight knitting!


You must be so happy to be done with school! I love the books you've chosen. The tea cozies and book lover's cookbook look especially tempting.

I hope you and the garden are doing well in the heat!


Three more days? Lucky Duck!

Love the banana peel comment. It made me smile.


Heat? What's that? The only heat we have is the stuff still coming out of the furnace, hence the new term, Junuary. I should be careful what I ask for.

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