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June 06, 2008



I'm so glad you had a good time last year with the KAL, and are going to be a team leader this year. It should be a lot of fun.

Welcome to Logan! He's going to love all of his new knitted booties, though maybe not this weekend with the heat wave coming.

I agree with you that the new and improved typepad is not. I have photo issues sometimes.


I share your pain. I have also written TP and complained about their new interface. I have problems moving pictures around.
Great looking beds and kudos to you and your biking. Happy Knitting!


What a sweet little great nephew. Congratulations to you all. I HATE the new Typepad as well. I can't get my pictures to do what I want and I've had the same issue with losing posts. It takes me twice as long to post. Your lasagna beds look great. My goal this year is to start the compost bin and stake out my first bed for next year and start layering.


Aww, what a cutie!


Adorable baby.

Yes, the new Typepad. I actually had better luck this week than last so I think they're working on things. I hope.


The lasagne beds and herb garden look wonderful! Do you use your herbs in cooking much? Looks like I'm on your TdF team :-)


I'm a typepad user, a KAL-er, a veg gardener and an audiobook listener so we have lots in common.
Why are they called lasagna beds? I had visions of mixed plantings of wheat, tomatoes, peppers and onions :o)

I think typepad is better now than when they first upgraded but it's not perfect yet. Still heaps better than blogger and wordpress though.

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