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June 25, 2008



What a storm! The rainbow is amazing though. I hope the booktalk was worth that adventurous drive!! (And I won't tell about the photos on 95).


Cool photos! Rain out here doesn't tend to be that dramatic.

I did some data entry at the Rochambeau library branch on American Revolution resources at the library, so it's neat to see that something was published by a local author.


I get lost everywhere I go too...without fail. I bet that was a fun and interesting party to go to.


Hi, Kris - It's interesting to know that even a Rhodie gets lost in Providence. I've never managed to get where I wanted to go without at least 3 wrong turns! I'm glad you didn't give up and finally made it, though.

Debbie R.

I get lost all the time too. It happened yesterday on the way to sit and spin in Burriville. lol

The rainbows are breathtaking. You did a great job with the spur of the moment photos.

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