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May 19, 2008



Wow, I'm not sure I want to know what an atlatl is. That arrow doesn't look like it's meant for human use!


Are you going to plant a new tree? That's great you got your seedlings and nice they happened to be from right in town!


It's sad to see a tree cut down that has witnessed so much history, but safety comes first. Will you save a piece of the trunk to sit on, or put in the garden? (Or put a garden around it?)

I hope the farmer's market is a great success. We have one in OS and I really enjoyed it last summer. I think it starts up again in June. Good luck with your seedlings too!


Sorry about the tree but better safe then sorry.


Sad to see the tree go, but it must have been beautiful for many years. Also, congratulations on your daughter's graduation (and she sure looks like you!). Putnam is constructing a permanent farmers market this spring on the shore of the Quinebaug, with an extension of the River Trail leading to it. The idea is becoming more and more popular.

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