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May 25, 2008



Cute Cow! Those catnip plants don't stand a chance :).


No advice on Tyepad - in fact, I'm a little frustrated with it right now. I've got hubby talked into trying the lasagna gardens. We're going to stake one out this year and start a compost bin. We have some other gardening projects going, so this is just a start. Any advice on what veggies to start with?


Looks like Cow is having a blast.

All your talk about farmer's markets got me inspired about buying locally, so we went to one yesterday. Problem was all the tempting non-produce items. Then I walked down to our little co-op this afternoon. Thanks for the nudge.


Our FM doesn't start until next month, but I am looking forward to going. Do you grow lettuce? I'm thinking of trying that in a window box. Maybe next year we can build a fenced in area for a real garden.

LOVE the Cow cat photos! I am having trouble with Typepad too.

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