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September 04, 2007



It's wonderful you got so many bargains! I am sad about the store closing though. What will we do for fabric?! They had such a wide selection. I can see why you like those socks! The pattern is pretty and the color you chose is perfect for them!


Enjoy your alone time! I hope you didn't work too hard on Labor Day with your DVDs.

The Cobblestone sweater is looking really good -- your dad is going to love it. And great socks from a non-sock knitter! Those special needles must be working?!


Nice haul! I really like that shawl pin. The new vest will look great in the colors you've chosen. :)


Monkeys are fun, but Carolina, Queen of Naples is just plain regal.


Sounds like a very organized and thoughtful shopping trip at the Fabric Place! Disciplined, too. :)

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