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September 02, 2007



We have also been trying to eat as locally as possible. Trips to the green market have been plentiful this summer. Good luck keeping it up!


I have that sock in my Ravelry queue....the name is awesome, as you said! Socktopia has some great patterns. I've caught up on your Lady Eleanor and your Monkeys! They look great!


Thanks for the book tip. I hope there will be a trend back to seasonal foods.


I love all your posts but I read this one with especially great interest. I'm on the verge of this sort of thing too. We have a farmer's market in my new town and I enjoy meeting the farmers and buying the fresh fruit and vegetables. I do get organic eggs and milk that is semi-local from our grocery store (hopefully shipping within New England is better than say, California). Have you read the Michael Pollen books? They are somewhat similar to the topics you mentioned here. Second Nature is the one I read but I've heard the newer ones are good too! And then I have the Modern Library Gardening series you might like...

I hope D has a great trip in North Carolina! And good riding weather.


I knew a woman who did the seasonal fruit and vegetable thing years ago - she probably still does. Also, I don't know if you ever read Frances Moore Lappe's book "Diet for a Small Planet" - a the Bible for earth/food types, but she wrote quiet extensively on just this topic, and about the collusion among all the people and companies involved in food production. Horrifying and maddening. That book, not my love of animals, was what made me a vegetarian (as you know, I am no longer a vegetarian, but I eat very little meat, and what meat I do eat is never beef). She has a website, and the book has been updated since it was first published (I believe first publication was in the 60's).

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