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September 24, 2007



Ah, you lucky northern girls. Cool weather and fiber farms to boot. Wish I could squeeze a WEBS catalogue into the budget. Aren't they about $40.00?


What a nice way to spend your Saturday. The green item really intrigues me -- I keep thinking "insect" but maybe that's because there was a big lime green one that liked to hang out near our front lantern when it was humid. I hope that no one would want to model a knitted insect, unless of the butterfly/ladybug type!


I know! I know! It's a LIME cover!!! Got to keep those limes warm, you know. Have to keep them in their native colors so the other limes don't tease them.

I'm right? Yes? *g*


It's a green pea costume for a baby! hehe.


Oh man, look at the color of the sky in those photos. That is the best of New England weather right there!

I think you're knitting a stuffed ice-cream cone with bright sherbet colors. (I actually don't really think you're kitting that, but I have no idea what you are knitting, but I figured I should guess. Oh, unless it's a stuffed turtle!)

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