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August 06, 2007



Happy blogeversary!


I was just looking at little eggplants in my garden today too! Happy Blogiversary!


Hip hip hooray! And many happy returns on your blogiversary!


Happy blogiversary! And congrats to D on the new job. Once again our paths cross - I used to work at Quonset when it was a naval base!


Hi, happy blogiversary!

I bought a copy of The Opinionated Knitter the other day on impulse. I usually don't buy knitting books this way...okay, that's not true, but the last time I bought a knitting book on impulse I was still employed so I felt less guilty about it :). The book looks like it will be a fun read though.


Happy Blogversary! Remarkably, this is my 4th. :) I'm really grateful you said something - I forgot all about it! LOL


Happy Blogversary! Spellcheck lit up for that one. As for the knitting books with those words in the titles, I am with you on that...I can't be bothered when I see them on the shelf at the bookstore. It's too bad because they probably have some interesting stuff in them, but they dumb down on the cover.


Happy blogiversary!


Happy Blogiversary!! And Congratulations to D on his new job!

There really isn't much out right now in the way of knitting books -- I agree with everything you said re: intro books, socks, and things with punk and Hollywood in the title. :) I think the fall titles will be coming in the next month or two so hopefully we'll see some new books then.


Happy Blogaversary! Here's to anohter year of wonderful flowers and great projects.


Happy Happy Happy!

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