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August 26, 2007



Good luck today -- here's hoping that the year is not as bad as you think it will be!


Good luck going back to school! I hope it gets off to a great beginning! You have certainly done a tremendous amount of knitting this year and it has been so fun to follow along and see all your projects. I am especially pleased to hear about your biking: 667 miles is fantastic! Way to go!!! Biking legs are so cool, don't you think? It makes you feel very strong. No hands?! You are braver than me ;-)Congratulations on all your successes this year!


Good luck on your first day and week of school! I hope it's not nearly as bad as you think.

I love that you rode laps around the fire station! 667 miles is a really great achievement (you are doing your dad proud) and you definitely earned those biker legs!

Congratulations too on all of your knits. That is a lot of knitting to do combined with your other classes and interests too! I always look forward to seeing your new projects.


Wow, I knew that you cranked those projects out, but, WOW! Quite the prolific knitter.
Bet you love to show off those biker legs in shorts. Too bad you'll be haveing to cover them up soon.

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