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August 05, 2007



You've done a ton of work on Hazel and it looks lovely. I like that men's sweater too!


Glad you're having a break in the weather. As I recall, summers in R.I. could be pretty humid! I was very pleased with the current IK. It was all I could do to not dash down to our local LYS and buy enough yarn to cast on for the cover sweater right away. I think we're going to see a lot of those around blogland. It looks like it could be flattering to just about any body type. Maybe it's Eunny's influence - I have never seen such a talented designer and I'm glad to see her at the helm.


I agree about the new IK - lots of goodies.


Glad things have cooled off a bit. IK does have a lot of great things this time.


I'm finally back online and catching up on tons of blogs and stuff! Hazel is looking very nice. I really enjoyed IK and Vogue this season...lots of things I want to knit, first being Dickinson by Kathy Zimmerman. I also wanted to let you know that Lady E looked beautiful too. I'll look forward to seeing her all finished up and tasseled.


So nice that the heat wave has broken!! Your dad is going to look great in that sweater.

Thanks for sharing about Bob Dylan. I did not know those things about him.


"Respite" was exactly the word for yesterday's weather. It sounds like you made the most of it!

Lucky you, finding the exact right yarn on sale at the exact right time!


Hi, Happy third anniversary. I also love the Cobblestone sweater in the new IK. My hands are really sore right now (and lower arms also). So I have tried not to knit for a couple of days. I have already had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands so I really don't know what else I can do but "rest and not knit". Thanks for your Blog I like reading about your knitting and projects.

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