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August 18, 2007


Cindy D

What a buy!!! A bag for 159!!! Just what we all need more yarn.I bought little in contrast at Fresh Purls.....just 3 skeins of Rowan Cashsoft.


You were down in my area. I lived in the town where Yarns Down Under is located for twenty four years. We down sized nine years ago and now live in the next town. I got the sale announcement for farmhouse yarns and was planning to go but an ill grandchild needed some TLC.
Do you think the farmhouse yarns are next to the skin soft? I have seen them at shops but have never purchased any.
Enjoy the last few days of vacation. Mary


Thank you again for a wonderful day! Poor Charlie was on my mind, so I'm afraid I didn't ask you nearly as much about riding and knitting and audiobooks as I wanted to...that just means we'll catch up next time! And I know that you will be a bad influence stash-wise, but I'm secretly looking forward to it!!

P.S. YDU has classes on toe-up socks, socks on circular needles, etc...

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