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August 01, 2007



I need my ears for biking too. Sounds like a nice birthday and I totally relate to being happy with garden things for birthdays...even manure, LOL! The cable pattern is gorgeous!


I missed your birthday, Happy Belated Birthday! And free labor for a garden is always good. I have had some downtime on the computer as well, it messes up my routine when that happens. But I do get more IRL things done.


Oh my, all those lovely lilies. How can you choose your favorite for a banner? You'll just have to make an array of them and switch.


Great birthday presents, esp. the "fertilizer" -- just what a gardener really needs (along with that free labor, lucky girl!).

I agree about the iPod and biking. When I ride, I love to hear the birds and notice every little thing. One ride in Mass. a few years ago, I was able to spot some pink lady slippers which are endangered in CT -- a real thrill! This is why I'm never going to be able to ride fast, LOL.

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