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July 14, 2007



Lady Eleanor is looking lovely. Our two dogs have their favorite spots in my sewing room. Kirby makes his nest in my chair and Hester on the floor right below him. Happily for Kirby he doesn't have to compete because he's allowed in the chair, but Hester isn't because she's too big and sheds. Nice division of labor because Hester is the "car" dog - she loves going for rides in the car and Kirby hates it. I'm getting ready to go online to our library and check out books on lasagna gardening. I'm fascinated!


Wow, Cow does look like a jungle kitty. I just love seeing pictures of Ruby now since she looks so much like my good girl Cinnamon. Cookie (is she a polydactyl?) looks pretty content on the newspaper, honestly!


wow, you're going speedy on Lady E!
our one cat has several favourite spots in the house. on top of me is one of them. makes knitting a challenge. then again, between DH's tummy and laptop is quite an interesting place, too.


Yay for 13! It must have been my lucky day because I won your contest and I had some good luck moneywise. I love the picture of Cow in the garden! And poor Cookie, she looks like she was trying to make the best of it.

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