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July 17, 2007



I hope you can take some solace in the fact that Lady Eleanor is looking beautiful and that next winter you will be beyond grateful to yourself for having slogged through it!


Lady E looks beautiful! Keep up the good work :-)


Great stole. I find that its too hot to to knit mine. You have such pretty nature pictures, you should make a banner for your blog. Those lilies are just the right color.


Beautiful photos and Lady E is looking smashing!! Just got an email from the library that the book on lasagna gardening is in! Rats - I don't have time to pick it up before I leave for Seattle. Can't wait to look at it.


The colours in your Lady E are fabulous - just think how lovely it will be to wear when it is done. Why not just do a tier at a time and let yourself do something less hot and fuzzy in between?

Jane (who needs a prod to encourage her to cast on the second entrelac sock....)


Great flower photos! Do I see a new guidebook in your future?

Eleanor is coming along nicely but I understand the urge to knit something else.


hey, no more pool! it seems to blend in well.


Oh my that entrelac is looking gorgeous. Lovely flower photos, too!

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