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July 27, 2007



Your Lady Eleanor is beautiful. I've been watching it grow!


Congratulations! That was no easy knit in this weather. I made mine during the deep cold winter as you remember and I could lay it over me while knitting and it was quite nice...deep, cold winter, don't those words sound good about now? It does feel cozy though doesn't it? Sunflowers are wonderful! I am awaiting mine to bloom. Soon it looks.


Looks great!


congrats on finishing Blankie E!


Congratulation! Lady E will keep you cozy and warm this winter. Wear her well.


Congratulations! Your Lady E is beauteous and looks so cozy, too.


Lady E is beautiful!!!!! I'm so glad you were able to see the sunflowers. I didn't make it this weekend, but hopefully there will still be some for next weekend.


Wow - that's a beautiful Lady E - makes me want to do one too We are, after all, the entrelac team of the TdeF!

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