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July 23, 2007



Hi Kristen, The mouse head besides being yuk...is pretty funny. I think it is pretty interesting as to how we all(animal lovers)respond to those types of things. I caught my cat in the act and fought with her to not kill and saved the mouse...I know, don't even say it. My husband watched to whole thing. As for photos if I open my blog in Mozilla some of my photos are missing but not with IE, go figure. It is very strange indeed.


I'm with you about Harry and waiting until I pass a display to pick one up.

My cat too loved the chase and would leave me gifts, the worst being a baby bunny, thankfully (?) intact.


Very nice. If you set your photo editor to crop your photo to the corrct size, the lilies would appear correctly sized. Here is the article in the Typepad knowledge base.


You think the cat was trying to tell you something? Love your lilies!

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