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April 17, 2007



Maybe take the car situation as a blessing in disguise -- it'll force you to slow down and really take a break on your vacation.

And yes, it is so important for all of us to keep our daily inconveniences in perspective. I'm not always as good at that as I should be.


I agree with Rachel; maybe the car breaking down was a blessing of quiet time at home instead of running around doing the errands, etc, that we usually do since we don't have time during the workweek.

Do share what the WIP is at the bottom!!


Ah, quiet, knitting time! How delicious. I could use a week off with no pressing errands... can we trade?


Oh no, the poor gnomes!
I have been thinking of all the people I know with kids in college. These past few days must have been very hard for you. What a world we live in...

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