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July 18, 2006



PW? Panting Wildly!

posh wheels
past walking
pretty woman

Any of those? None?


Those Leslies! Always up to trouble (my sister is a Leslie too). Glad that D's father is home and doing better, and am envying your outdoor knitting group!

I'm stumped on the PW...


Hey there, y'all look so comfy out there in your lawn chairs. The skeeters here are the size of small kittens and would be gnawing at the ankles. Will have to read some more now and enter that contest!


Don't you just love blogland? I've also made contact with a long lost cousin and a woman whose handiwork I admired years ago, but lost touch. You do look comfy out on the lawn knitting. That's where I may be today - our Pacific Northwest temps are finally catching up with the rest of the U.S.

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