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July 20, 2006



Pee Wee! Glad to hear you're so much better--look at you riding like a mad woman. :)

Cindy D

You are catching up to my finished tigers! Wish I liked short row heel knitting better...


PeeWee! Of course, why didn't I think of that?! But I still like panting wildly hehe. I'm glad biking is going well and that you are able to do some walking.

Don't sweat the mistake in the AbFab... they won't notice and like you said it was part of the design. The tiger sock is looking good!


Your photos of the AbFab look great; glad you decided not to rip. You are probably the only one who will ever notice the error is there. Enjoy your summer. Mary


Yes, I agree with the other commenters, that no one notices these sorts of mistakes but the knitter! It is beautiful and they are going to love it.

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better, and way impressed with your daily biking. Also that it does help to tone up your muscles. I was joking with "Loves to Bike and Knit" that my fantasy is that bike riding gives me the long, tanned legs of a supermodel. (I am long waisted and short legged). What do you think?? Have a great weekend!


That tiger sock is so cute!
I bet it will be hard to tell the misstep in AbFab for most anyone. I certainly didn't notice it when I checked out your pictures!
Lilies are looking good!

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