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July 21, 2006



The shawl looks like it will be lovely when complete. :) However - let's get to the important stuff.... I had no idea there were Tropical Orange Mounds bars!!!!

Wowowowowow...and right when I've re-doubled my dieting efforts too. Hmmmm...Perhaps I can save them as a once a week treat? (Not the whole bag, of course, but man - that would be tempting. ::wink::)


It's hard to have dinner for one! Those Mounds look really tempting...

Your shawl is so pretty. Are you going to move it to the top of the knitting bag, or are you just toying with it til you're not upset at AbFab anymore?

Your lilies are gorgeous -- I posted some today just for you. :)And Sakonnet Purl is probably my most favorite yarn shop, though I have to drive a good way to get there. That's where I found the "sunset yarn" -- they have too many temptations there.

I hope you have a good night!


mmmm...yummy candy! I wouldn't mind having a few nights to myself but I don't think I'm ready for the empty nest either.

The lace is so pretty, you really should finish it!


Do find you spend more time knitting when you have lots of "alone" time, or do you other things? I thought i would knit more, since my boys are out having their own lives,but I really don't.
I love day lilies; yours are beautiful. Mary

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