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July 31, 2006


Cindy D

The throw is lovely!!! Happy bday, Kristen!


Wow, fabulous throw, great gifts and you're fine and 50. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Love the throw - great job! You'll also love that Kodak. I've had version for 2 years & never had a problem. :) Haven't even changed the battery!


Your Ab Fab looks outstanding. And Happy Belated Birthday!


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...(I'm singing to you). Sounds like you had a great day. I'm right behind you, 48 and counting down. Yikes!


Happy Birthday! The throw is gorgeous and it sounds like you had a great day. Wow - 50!! You're so young. I like that 50 is the new 30. That makes me only 37!


Happy Birthday!!!

Your family is so sweet and thoughtful. All those gifts are great.

The abfab turned out beautiful. I'm glad you finished it so we can see the next fantastic project though!


Wow, that throw is gorgeous! lovely job, and happy birthday.


Glad you had a wonderful birthday!


Hi Kristen! Happy birthday! I just got back from California and what do I find waiting in my mailbox but beautiful Misti Alpaca lace and starfish buttons! Quite fitting since I watching "Finding Nemo" 47 million times this past week with my nephew...and I went to Monarch and very nearly bought Misti Alpaca Lace but decided against it. Must be fate! The color is beautiful. Thank you so much!! I will be posting pics on my blog tomorrow.
AbFab looks great! Congrats on finishing. Sorry for the looong post.


Happy Happy Day (belated now) and many more! And what a lovely throw, to boot.


Happy Birthday to dear Kristen! The throw is incredible--great celebration day. It's not over yet, is it?! Happy Birthday!

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