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September 25, 2011


Debbie R.

Have you tried the dental floss method for applying beads? I haven't used it yet, myself, but heard it's a super easy way to get the tiniest bead in place.


I switched to 2 circs a couple of years ago and have never looked back. It surprised me because I loved my dpn's. If you have beads that are too small for a crochet hook, you can also use dental floss. Here's a video showing both methods. I prefer the crochet hook, but the floss works pretty slick too.



Oh that looks so tricky. Well done for persevering. The sock is looking great!!
Those hens are funny chooks, aren't they? They are beautifully coloured.


I've only done the beading when the beads were pre-strung on to the yarn, so I'm not going to be much help here. But I'm glad you've figured out a technique that works -- the pattern is very pretty!

How funny that the chickens are laying again. Would it have something to do with the temperature? And I was wondering, since the chickens come up on your deck, can you pet them? :)


Those chickies are so cute going out fort their stroll.

I'll leave the sock knitting to you.


That's my 3:00 a.m. typing, should have read "for" their stroll.

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